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tv   House Members Hold Memorial Day Wreath- Laying Ceremony  CSPAN  May 29, 2017 7:51pm-8:01pm EDT

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video library. announcer: congressional leaders halla wreath in statuary in honor of soldiers serving in the military and those held capital -- those held captive and unaccounted for. he gave a ceremonial prayer. >> ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of the 115th congress, welcome.
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pray. us internal god, we are thankful -- god, we are thankful for this moment of remembrance. we remember the sacrifices of those who laid their lives down in service of this country. remember the brothers and sisters in arms who willingly took on the responsibility and the burden of defense for this country. we are thankful for their sacrifice and invertebrates of their families who solidly -- their rememberance of families who watched him leave and never return -- them leave and never return. we honor their sacrifice in this place, on this day.
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you've given a string. help us have the courage to act upon it as these we remember from every branch of office. in your name we pray, amen. >> since its founding after the civil war, the observance of memorial day is a reminder of the cost paid by the servicewomen and men of our nation who laid down their lives. to receive the report, the brigadier general of the united states army. >> marine corps all present. >> air force? >> all present. >> coast guard? >> all present.
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>> today's ceremony will feature six wreaths representing the army, navy, air force, -- representing the united states army, the brigadier general in the major toby that's -- and major toby.
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>> representing the united states marine corps, general jack burton. >> representing the united states navy, commander tim burton.
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>> representing the united states air force, brigadier general and major adam kinzinger. >> representing the united
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states coast guard, ralph abraham and seaman steve blaney. >> to represent those held -- >> to represent those held captive or still unaccounted for, major tim walz and colonel joe wilson, united states army.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, we will now observe a moment of silence, followed by "taps." plays]
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♪ ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, that includes today's ceremony -- that concludes today's ceremony. thank you for attending.
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announcer: tonight on c-span, we will take you to arlington national cemetery, where president trump observed memorial day. then a look at technology being used to help wounded veterans. later, commencement speeches a


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